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Senior Development Manager

Construction - US – Denver, Colorado
Department Construction - US
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Senior Manager/Supervisor

About Us

Driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture, Amacon is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential real estate development and construction firms. With five decades of development and construction expertise, a precise level of design and craftsmanship is evident in all the homes and commercial developments that Amacon builds.

Amacon is currently expanding into Denver Colorado and has an exciting opportunity available for an experienced development professional in the Denver Colorado area. 

Reporting to the VP, Development and Construction, this position is responsible for the development, coordination, and oversight of multi-family residential development projects, including the development process from the initial planning stage through to receipt of all respective city permits and documents required to allow commencement of construction. This role combines exceptional strategic planning skills with a strong background in site feasibility, due diligence and land planning to ensure ongoing success of all respective projects.

 Position Responsibilities

  • Research Community ordinances and maps (i.e. Zoning, master plan; special requirements of Building Department, Engineering Department, or Planning Department; special ordinances such as wetlands and woodlands ordinances; etc.) 
  • Manage the site investigation and evaluation process
  • Act as a local contact for contractors, vendors and government agencies
  • Carry out initial project proforma to ascertain project feasibility
  • Research topo data, soil information, community review procedures, any political considerations, and prepare information regarding requirements and special conditions
  • Research availability and capacity of utilities and/or what is required to bring utilities to site, including special easement conditions that may be found in title work or any related survey
  • Order, coordinate and complete necessary studies, surveys and determine for evaluation of site and site characteristics as part of site plan prep (i.e. Topo survey; boundary survey etc; soil, wetland, and tree surveys)
  • Attain fee proposals, review and ultimately engage and manage all respective consultants required for the design and success of each respective project
  • Select and manage professional contractors if required as part of the permitting process
  • Conduct/oversee all market research to ensure success of product in the market
  • Manage plan preparation and product development through the design and approval process
  • Understand all plans and specifications with consideration for projects feasibility
  • Prepare a chart of potential planning and development costs through the respective permit approvals process
  • Undertake and update project proformas as the design process progresses
  • Develop schedule for site plan development process and complete site plan development within the scheduled time frame
  • Budget, schedule, and complete engineering & servicing plan
  • File final engineering plans with the utility companies, complete any applications and provide any necessary documentation as required; serve as liaison between utility companies, community departments and the company, and schedule any pre-engineering meetings and special meetings as needed during overall review and preparation of service plan process
  • Request any special requirements from the utility companies (such as relocation of existing utilities on a site)
  • Obtain storm, sewer and water approvals from municipality during site engineering approval and follow their submission through province and city approval and permit issuance
  • Carry out an updated evaluation of the initial budget for site engineering activities
  • Obtain site development permits from municipal and/or city authorities (ie. Soil erosion protection permit, road approach, road right of way work, temporary permits).  This excludes permits as required by plumber, electrician, or contractor where determined
  • Progress and monitor the approval process (building permit application preparation, submittal and approval; log and monitor; secure fees, request cheques and pull permits
  • Attend all site plan review meetings in the community through site plan approval as company representative; determining which other persons (professional contractors, attorneys or members of the company) should attend community approval meetings and schedule their attendance
  • Order checks, bonds, letters of credit etc., as necessary for obtaining site development permits, and deliver them to the appropriate agency, ensuring accounting department is made aware of upcoming payments
  • Track and manage bonds, ensuring all outstanding letters of credit are returned to Amacon as quickly as possible during the development process.
  • Maintain current records of all site plan approvals, approved graphics and engineering plans, permits, etc., per project
  • Distribute up-to-date Engineering and Site Plan graphics to utilities, company staff, construction department, etc. and prepare a distribution sheet outlining the changes and dates of distribution
  • Assist with selection of sales and marketing consultant and management of the sales and marketing process
  • Proofread all printed and digital materials including but not limited to project website and marketing material
  • Provide leadership, mentoring and direction any required employees including managing performance and encouraging career development
  • Review and approve all billing invoices as related to the development process prior to submittal to VP for approval
  • Track consultant’s fees with respect to agreed contracts, ensuring billing is consistent with work completed
  • Spot check the development throughout the construction process to assure that community concerns and any special site plan conditions are being met
  • Operate word processing, spread sheets, database, email, and applicable scheduling programs

 Minimum Qualifications

  • Education: University degree in Urban Planning or a related field as well as a progressive track record of success in US real estate development
  • Experience: 10 + years’ experience in the planning/approval processes, working with municipalities and other governmental agencies; and financial analysis
  • Build strong relationships with diverse internal and external groups, and work effectively and creatively in a collaborative manner
  • Able to work independently and make quick decisions using sound judgment
  • Able to lead a team and manage individual performance
  • Lead and prioritize competing short and long-term deadlines
  • Must have a strong attention for detail and be very organized
  • Able to handle multiple tasks on multiple projects
  • Able to work individually and as part of a team
  • Able to meet deadlines and cut-offs
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Good presentation skills
  • Computer Skills: Strong understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite

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    Construction - US
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    Senior Manager/Supervisor
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